The Universal Group (TUG) is an international network of independent professionals experienced in various aspects of business. TUG provides the services to identify humanitarian and economic development investment opportunities in selected countries.

Universal Holdings Limited (UHL) is the organization that approves the private equity investments and it allocates and releases the required resources through private equity consortiums, in each case.

Unilion Development Group Incorporated (UDG) is the Private Equity investment resources management and the business performance monitoring company. UDG has working with it, the regional and/or national companies that deal with the corporate management for each investment.

Unilion Foundation (UF) is a nonprofit organization that is independently managed with financial contributions coming to it from UHL - UDG and other enterprises, including charitable organizations. UF helps to provide very essential products and services to the poor, especially children, and to families under distressed conditions caused by natural and manmade emergencies.